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Azerbaijan reveals its ISIS Character

nkrgerbflagParallel to the heated military operations in the Azerbaijan-Karabakh Conflict Zone, an active informational-propaganda war is expanding on the levels of mass media and Internet platforms. And if the Armenian side uses facts and argumentsto express itself, since it has nothing to hide from vast masses, the Azerbaijani side, on the contrary, serves it all upside down. The press office of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Minister of Defense drew our attention to one of the many similar facts from the history of official Baku, when by means of an unsophisticated trick of swapping numbers the Azeri MilitaryDepartment drastically reduced the number of their victims for the specified period of time. But hardly the expression «dexterity of hands and no talent» is relevant here.

Now the official Baku hasadopted the policy of denying that the demonstration of « the cut head of an Armenian soldier» is their job, and that suchlike occurrences are not typical to the Azeri Army Military principles and do not find their equivalents in the history of Azeri nation».  Meanwhile, the facts prove the opposite. In particular, on many Internet platforms the confessions of an Azery spy Ibad Huseynov were presented about how at the first stage of the Kharabakh war (1991-1994) he cut into pieces an injured Armenian and «ran back to his peers, taking the head, hand of the murdered, as well as the trophy boots, gun, notepad with a photograph, cigarettes and a pen». And such barbarities are not restricted to the combat conditions only.  The example of the mean murderer Ramil Safarov is still bright in our memory. The latterbeheaded his sleeping  Armenian course mate with an axe on the basis of national hatred in Budapest during the NATO program « Partnership for Peace».

«According to their character, style of conducting fighting operations, terrorizing peaceful population, the Azerbaijan Army is, as a matter of fact,  an ISIS structure, — says the analyst Hovhannes Vardanyan, — the events of the recent days have proposed unquestionable evidence of the involvement of the Turkish military specialists, spetsnaz, hired forces – representatives of terrorist organizations , in particular, such as « the Grey Wolves», ISIS, etc.  Identical to the terrorist acts in Syria and Iraq, the signature of the Azerbaijani Military Forces is easily tracked here.  It is not a mere coincidence that Aliyev set free from prison criminals linked to terrorist organization just before mass aggression acts against NKR started. Yet, the responsibility for the results of this all bloody reckless scheme should be taken not only by the genocidal military political government of Azerbaijan, but also to a great extent by the party whotook care of unprecedented multi-million militaryprovisions to Azerbaijan. The Armenian Nation will allow no one to use it as an experiment target for the probation of different kinds of weapons. Our nation will find enough means to counteract all challenges and anti-Armenian plans, including diplomatic,  political, military and even the revision of some military and political  agreements. When doing this no ordinary steps might be taken, which will lead to the regret of those who make the situation even tenser. In regards to the Azerbaijan Government the international tribunal has long been looking forward to Ilham Aliyev together with his motivator commit   crime towards the humanity».

The leader of the Main Information Department of the President’s staff David Babayan also pointed his finger in the direction of terrorist organizationslike «the Grey Wolves», etc.

Some analysts state that, as a matter of fact, Azerbaijan is becoming a means for pushing Russia in the hands of the Turkish president Recep Erdogan, and this is the reason the Turkish side so openly supports Azerbaijan against the military adventures in Nagorno-Karabakh.

In the meantime, the tension continued alongside the border during the night from April 3rd to April 4th. According to the NKR Ministry of Defense, the enemy kept on shooting in the direction of the Defense Army and the populated areas in the frontier from mortars and various types of ordnance gunnery, in particular 152 millimeter howitzer, B4M-21 “Grad” device, and tanks. The most intensive shootings occurred around 7 in the morning in the South-Eastern and North-Eastern directions.

The NKR Defense Army subdivisions take all the required measures to suppress aggression of the enemy and surely carry out the battle missions set ahead of them. In the course of military actions on April 3rd and 4th the Karabakh side had caused considerable damage to the enemy in the technical, as well as menforcedomains, disintegrated 3 and 2 tanks in the North-Eastern and South-Eastern directions respectively. Overall, Azerbaijan has lost around 20 tanks and 10 units of other battle armor, more than 200 people were killed during the period from April 1st to April 4th.

As it was stated in the press office of the NKR Ministry of Defense, the Azerbaijani side used heavy firing system in the Northern direction close to the midday for the first time in the horror of big losses in amour and men force. The Karabakh side has no victims and losses as a result of the bombardment. The enemy has used 2 percussion unmanned flying devices in this direction and one in the South-Eastern direction. All the three enemy devices have been destroyed by the NKR Defense Army sub-units.

The NKR president Bako Sahakyan held a working conference during which matters regarding the frontline and measures to be taken by the Defense Army to cease criminal assaults by the enemy have been discussed. Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Artsakh assigned concrete tasks to the Ministry of Defense and leaders of all competent authorities.

In summary, let us note that the Defense Army carries out its mission with dignity and honor, providing safety to the country and people. Artsakh,with its internal forces only, succeeds in compelling the enemy to adopt Peace — this is because Artsakh is struggling with the Truth on its side. And the earlier the international community takes the side of this Truth, the less blood will have to be shed…


Ashot Beglaryan, Stepanakert

Translation: «Zham» magazine

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