Reach out a helping hand to music schools of Artsakh

Sar Sargsyan

Sar Sargsyan

Dear friends!

Artsakh Republic is independent for 22 years already with a short, but full of events history. Every day life in Artsakh develops and prospers in almost all areas. Art and culture also develop with a rapid tempo. The Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs of NKR plays main role in art and culture development, and supplies educational institutions, schools of art and music with all necessary equipment. However, these schools remain in need of assistance; namely, there is an acute shortage of musical instruments. I, personally, as a musician and singer, who grew up on a dear land for all Armenians, am interested in the development of musical and cultural life of Artsakh.

I leave the right to start a charity action for the acquisition and finding musical instruments to present them as a gift to Artsakh music schools and colleges. This action will be held under the slogan «Reach out a helping hand to music schools and art schools of Artsakh.»

Dear friends, join me, and let us make a contribution to the development of musical culture of the Republic of Artsakh, in particular in the acquisition of musical instruments for young musicians.
For more information, please call (+374) 55 90 70 66


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